About Us

Mush is a premium brand committed to providing it’s customers with exclusive range of Bamboo textile products.
The Mush Bamboo products are made from selected bamboo fibers for a true luxurious experience for its customers. The products made from Bamboo have numerous ecological and performance advantages over other fabrics

Mush Bathworks

Mush Bathworks is a collection of silky soft luxurious bath linen and accessories specially crafted for a rich bathroom experience

Mush Comfort

Experience the luxuriously soft and silky feel of our Comfort line of products made with Viscose from Bamboo fibers

Mush Craft

Mush craft is a collection of handicrafts made from Bamboo


Why Bamboo ?


The fabric made out of Bamboo is extremely soft as compared to cotton with a texture similar to Cashmere and Silk.


The natural presence of “Bamboo Kun” – a biological agent, makes bamboo fabric antimicrobial thereby reducing the bacteria and microbial that thrives on human skin and clothing

Breathable and Absorbent

Due to the presence of more micro holes and voids, fabric made out of bamboo fiber is highly absorbent and breathable

Eco Friendly

Bamboo plant falls in the grass category, and is one of the fastest growing plant on earth


Welcome to the Bamboo World


The most important to a business is having Happy Customers. We love and give them the best service

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